Leaders throughout history demonstrate that people will follow those who speak up and use their influence to accomplish a task and reward those who entrust them to guide the way.  A company too needs a key figure to look to for answers and guidance, a captain.  

A good friend once told me “Without leadership, the people will perish”.

Without leadership, the people will perish.

Heavy quote for a blog post.  However, glass manufacturing is dangerous work, and a company thrives on the health of its people, so then by design, the role of leader in this industry is a weighty one.   

We look to our leader to provide a visionary destination, on -the spot- decision making amidst stormy seas of day-to-day fabrication, map & compass to providing customers with Clear-Cut Results.

While Cameron has been at the helm of this glass tempering ship for many years, his tenure as Captain did not surface until 2017 when the business was fully transitioned to him by his father, John Moag. J.C. Moag Corporation, or “Moag Glass”, is an amalgamation of “Cam” and company, a family business that reflects the values of the man in charge.

It’s fun to cast out nautical terms when speaking of Cameron’s leadership because of his passion for all things offshore fishing. From large center console fishing boats to rigging baits and deep dropping off the coast of Florida, Cameron is setting the hook.

Perhaps blue water game fishing is where our leader mastered the ability to remain calm. Always the clear voice amongst the chaos of machine malfunctions, labor issues, material shortages, customer care, and so on; The metaphor of steely captain applies to the struggles and obstacles of owning and operating a glass tempering facility. No rough seas, stormy weather, or gale-force winds can break the captain’s focus on getting his crew safely to port…  We have seen this same calming certainty in our organization’s leader. Witnessing our captain navigate a facility relocation, a pandemic, glass shortages, etc. with authentic resolve, we trust in his ability to weather the business challenges ahead and loyally follow his lead.

Alex Acevedo | Operations Manager