Precise Commercial Glass Manufacturing for Interior Architectural Glass, Fixture Manufacturers, Office Furniture Companies, and more…

Moag Glass is an “O.E.M.” Original Equipment Manufacturer of custom glass parts. Servicing Interior Architectural Glass, Fixture Manufacturers, Office Furniture Companies, and more, Moag provides definitive glass knowledge and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. With over 70 years of B2B experience, we offer clear-cut results with every glass project.

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Commercial Glass Company with Clear-Cut Capacity

Our state-of-the-art 50,000-square-foot facility in Georgetown, Indiana, streamlines the glass fabrication process, resulting in faster turnaround times. From start to finish, Moag’s dedicated sales team tracks every glass order, following every stage of production, to provide clear communication as necessary. With fast, friendly, and coordinated service, our experienced shipping department offers convenient, customer-specific packing and delivery options.

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Core Values

At Moag, we find purpose in delivering clear-cut results by creating quality products through innovation with the best customer service experience possible. Placing value in a work culture that promotes Integrity, Ownership, Team, Quality, and Innovation, our team strives to be better. True precision glass requires ingenuity, a strong eye for design, and experienced technical know-how. Our team of 50 skilled glass craftsmen and engineers manufacture commercial, residential, retail, and architectural glass daily. Interested in joining our team? Click here.

Moag’s Green Glass Initiative

Glass is a sustainable, renewable resource, infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. So naturally, working to reduce, reuse, and recycle this unique raw material is an ongoing part of our shop’s daily practices. We are proud to say that 18% percent of all Moag’s sheet glass is made from recycled glass, and 100% of our cut table fall-off glass is recycled.

Bright shards of broken glass

100% of our cut-off is recycled or repurposed.

We partner with our customers on an individual basis to implement recycling procedures that work. Processes and procedures like returnable wooden skids and reusable rubber corner protectors enable a more conscientious consumption of materials and are key parts of Moag’s Green Glass Initiative.


Moag is a family-owned and operated company. Three generations of experience with in-store, fixture manufacturing, and custom glass fabrication. Today, the team is led by President and CEO Cameron Moag, the grandson of original founder James Cameron Moag.

The Moag Glass team is driven to produce precision commercial glass using our clear-cut expertise, comprehensive capabilities, cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, and prompt customer care.

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