Nothing but great things to say about the Moag team, their customer service, and their products.

Vince Zito_ Project Manager _TUTTLE a Dant Clayton Division

I have been dealing with Moag probably for over a year. On-time shipping is good and is delivered by a Moag driver. There is no freight charge for us. They are willing to try to move up orders to meet my customer demand which is very important to us. Quality has been good and if we have a problem Moag has taken care of it. We feel price is comparable with other vendors. Good overall experience.

Matt Mitchell_ Purchasing Manager_Jasper Group

MOAG Glass has made the process of specifying, quoting, and ordering glass very easy. As a project manager, I cannot stress how much the ease of collaborating with MOAG has made my project run smoother… The quality of the fabricated MOAG glass is second to none. I am impressed with the durability of the glass back paint.

Prior to ordering from MOAG, the glass companies I worked with were not responsive, the quality was hit-or-miss, and I was not given a static contact at the companies to talk to. When things went awry, and they often did, I had trouble getting a response to my phone calls and emails from those companies. After a while I started to dislike my projects that involved custom glass. Working with MOAG totally transformed my notions of working with glass fabricators. What my local fabricators were lacking, MOAG was able to provide to my company.

I am strongly recommending MOAG Glass for custom glass projects…

Mark Lipka_ VP of Project Management_ Arnold Furniture

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